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We at Pradita Technosoft Private Limited help your business for IT requirements (Website, Mobile App development) and help to grow the business. We also take care of your Billing, Inventory management, and SMS Campaigns. Feel free to contact us for any requirement. We help you to optimize business, with our online software, thus there will be more savings and efficiency of business will increase. There are various parameters that the business needs for growth. We provide the solution for all the business requirements.

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Are you looking to create an eye-catching, cutting edge Solution for your business.

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Billing System
₹ 18000/year + GST

• GST Enabled
• Bulk inserts
• Bulk updates
• Add employee
• Add customers
• Itemized billing
• Manual discount
• Pos (easy to bill)
• Bill detail report
• Cash Registers
• Edit added items
• Addition of items
• Rich analytics & visualizations
• View added items
• Delete added items
• Search using filters
• Edit customer details
• Can view sale details
• Send Bill Through SMS
• Import customer details
• Print on any size paper
• Send Bill Through Email
• Payment notes can be made
• Search product by Category
• Tax summary available on bill
• Different payment modes can be added
• Addition of the customer’s GST number
• Connecting data and insight in one place
• Bill can be sent via SMS and E-Mail.
• Comment on bill can be added, ex: address of delivery / any note.
• The bill is responsive in nature; it can be viewed on any device.

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Inventory Management
₹ 38000/year + GST

• Sale Report
• Total Profit
• POS Inventory
• Add sale note
• Add staff note
• Delivery address option
• Edit customers
• Add Sale status
• Add customers
• Add Sale address
• Add payment term
• View inventory Bill
• Add payment Status
• View inventory option
• Add shipping address
• Purchased Stock count
• Remaining Stock count
• Filter data via inventory search
• See the inventory reports
• Import inventory option available
• Easy to find in and out stock items
• Add images and details of product

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SMS Campaign
₹ 18000/year + GST

• SMS Campaigning
• Customer Registration
• Feedback procreation
• Send Promotional SMS
• Send transactional SMS
• Customer White listing
• SMS counts and reports
• Send shop advertisement in SMS
• Greet your customers through SMS
• Sender id as per your business name
• View reports of the sent messages
• Send customized SMS, by scheduling it
• Send messages immediately, if required
• BBLC (Bring Back Lost Customers) system
• Send bill through transactional messages
• Send bulk SMS, to your white listed customers
• SMS on DND numbers based on POP (Proof of Purchase)

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Kitchen Ordering Ticket
₹ 12000/year + GST

• Very Easy and Handy
• Multiple Store support
• Profit Loss Analysis
• Waste Tracking & Loss calculation
• Calculation method is different
• Smart Inventory System
• Inventory Alerts and Precision
• Ingredients Purchase• Ingredients Purchase
• Point of Sale (POS)
• Expense Tracking
• Supplier Due payment
• KOT with Token number
• Table with position & Capacity
• 15+ Reports for business monitoring
• Print on A4 or POS paper
• Multi user and access control
• Device Responsive
• Inventory Valuation
• Hold Sale
• Discount Fixed/Percentage
• GST/Tax Enabled
• Various Payment methods
• Daily Summary
• Business Intelligence Dashboard
• Daily Home delivery matrix.

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Web design & Development

Being presentable to the customers is important; we can take care of that.

Mobile Apps Development

Many businesses need a comprehensive well designed mobile app. We can develop it.

ERP Solution

Our world class professional development team is capable of designing the required ERP’s on an agile model, where our clients can see the progress, real-time.

Corporate Training

Our product training and the present industry trainings can be provided by us. This also includes real time market adequate and customer handling techniques.


The tools and techniques for aggressive and regular marketing requirements are available here. We even help our associates with the best of our reach out, for procuring various resources.

Business Ideas

Exclusively for our associated clients, we can suggest the fantastic ideas appreciable in market. These ideas are practical, and best of market practices.

CRM Solution

We have tools like SMS campaigning and more, for taking care of this market challenge. The “customers are the king”, and hence we help our associates in taking care of their requirements.

Digital Marketing

Our team can provide a comprehensive web optimization and SEO tools for business growth. We can also help with various integrations for doing flawless digital marketing.

Research & Development

We learn real time from the market, and help our associates with the result we have learnt from others. This takes care of them; spending time, money and doing unintentional mistakes in their business.