Pradita Technosoft | Company Policy


This limited warranty shall apply to Pradita’s products. For software and hardware defects under normal use circumstances and at the discretion of the company, Pradita shall provide bug fixing and/or replacement services, for software, within the UAT/Demo period, of 15 days, post which AMC is counted, incase applicable. Hardware, incase purchased from us via third party, needs to be settled at the hardware providers by the client themselves. If no AMC is taken by the client from Pradita, then Pradita reserves the right of time to resolve the issue. Else under AMC; the issues are resolved within a TAT of 24-48 working hours.

Item Warranty Period Scope of Warranty Warranty service Warranty Support Document
Billing System,SMS Campaigning, KOT software 15 days Software Walk in/Ticket raise/Mail Purchase Order No.
Inventory Management 15 days Software Walk in/Ticket raise/Mail Purchase Order No.
Hardware As per H/w providers Labor and parts Walk in Purchase Order No.

It is applicable post AMC is collected from the clients. Post UAT period of 15 days, AMC provides a complete caretaking of the software product, along with minor modifications, and a scalable customization, subject to the essentiality of industries associated with us. However the customizations required should be in scope of the technology and company or its LOB’s as directed and assigned to Pradita Technosoft Pvt. Ltd. by the Government Of India. There is no refund policy, of the company, for once sold services and products. Post 15 days of UAT period.